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I love so many things its not funny. If you go on this tumblr, you will find so many different things its crazy. Bollywood, anime, british tv, kdramas,etc. You will find it here!

Disney Princesses who have appeared on Once Upon a Time

from the original Disney Princess line-up: Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Mulan and Tinker Bell [removed]

coronated in 2011: Rapunzel

awaiting coronation: Anna

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I already ship Selina and Bruce and they haven’t even had screen time wtf is wrong with me

When I killed him, Angel was cured. Your spell worked at the last minute, Will. I was about to take him out, and something went through him… and he was Angel again. He didn’t remember anything that he’d done. He just held me. But it was… it was too late, and I had to. So I told him that I loved him… and I kissed him… and I killed him.

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